Malahat Fall 2010 issue (#172) and
Best Canadian Poetry in English Launch

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Best Canadian Poetry in English172 CoverOn Sunday, November 14th, we held a joint launch for our Fall issue and The Best Canadian Poetry in English 2010.

Lorna Crozier began by speaking to us about her (difficult) selection process for The Best Canadian Poetry in English 2010. She combed through a year's worth of issues of every Canadian literary magazine the publishers could get their hands on, and came up with the 50 poems that appear in the book. Lorna read "Nocturnal Visitors" by Glen Downie, as well as a touching poem by Lenore and Beth Rowntree, "7lbs. 6 oz." We then heard from several poets who appear in the book: John Donlan read "Babies' Cottage" (from BCPiE 2009), Sonnet L'Abbé read "The Trees Have Loved Us All Along," Tim Lilburn read "Rupert's Land," Melanie Siebert read "Ditch," and Anne-Marie Turza read "Anthem for a Small Country" (which originally appeard in The Malahat Review's Fall, 2009 issue #168).

172 LaunchAfter a break, we heard from Patricia Young, who appeared in both books. She read "Night-Running" from BCPiE 2010, and then "Stunned" from our Fall issue. Then Dede Crane read an excerpt from her short story, "The Fall of Langue d'Occ," Karen Enns read her poems "After" and "In Memory," and Steve Noyes finished up the afternoon with his medical poem "Morbidity and Ornament."

172 Launch172 Launch172 Launch

172 LaunchAll Friends of The Malahat who attended or joined at the launch were able to take home a free book from our office supply. Among the titles picked up were The Annotated Bee & Me, by Tim Bowling and O Resplandor by Erin Moure.

Thank you to launch volunteers Benjamin Willems for general helpfulness; and Kelly Bouchard, Jessie Jones, Jay Morritt, and Eliza Robertson for their excellent book selling skills. And an extra big thank you to Chelsea Rushton for taking photos and illustrating our readers.

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