Winter 2007 No. 161

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Creative Non-Fiction Winner:
  • Vaia Barkas, Blindspot
  • Scott Randall, Capri
  • Padma Viswanathan, The Postino's Familiar
  • Arthur Brown, "Notes for the Rabbi's Eulogy" and "Identification"
  • Anne Compton, "The age we discover poetry", "Stars, Sunday Drive", "Fall-back Sunday" and "Houseguest".
  • Phillip Crymble, "Port Authority"
  • Sadiqa de Meijer,"There, there" and "Kursk"
  • Warren Heiti, "Blue Sun [Let me sacrifice]" and "Blue Sun [Let me praise]"
  • Perry Hogan, Inconsonance and Bass Cadenza
  • Peggy Hogan, "Rearranged Marriage," "Still Life"
  • Jeff Latosik, "Cactus Love" and "Windsurfing Fathers"
  • Tim Lilburn, "If Metaphor is Theurgy, It Must Form," Pythagoreanism," "Night Clotting in the Ice-free Corridor," and "Swan Plain"
  • A. F. Moritz, "Advice," "Old Pet," "Odds and Ends," "Window Sill," "The Prisoner," and "Early Spring"
  • Michael Pacey, "The Invention of the Ball"
  • P. K. Page, "The Age of Gold," and "Hughes"
  • Al Rempel, "A Few Lines for Prince George"
  • Matthew Tierney, "Apeirophobia (fear of infinity)"
  • Paul Tyler, "Short History of a Wedding Photo"
  • Elana Wolff, "Pointillists"
  • Poetry
  • Dennis Lee, Yesno (Toronto: Anansi, 2007). Paperbound, 62 pp., $18.95 (Reviewed by Mark Dickinson)
  • Catherine Owen, Shall: Ghazals. (Toronto: Wolsak and Wynn, 2006). Paperbound, 79 pp, $17. (Reviewed by Clarise Foster)
  • Shane Rhodes, The Bindery (Edmonton: NeWest, 2007). Paperbound, 98 pp, $16.95; (Reviewed by Mitchell Parry)
  • Lori Neilsen Glenn, Combustion (London: Brick, 2007). Paperbound, 79 pp, $18. (Reviewed by Mitchell Parry)

  • Fiction
  • Carol Malyon, Cathedral Women (Toronto: Mercury, 2007). Paperbound, 172 pp. $17.95. (Reviewed by Carol Matthews)
  • P.K. Page, Up on the Roof (Erin: Porcupine’s Quill, 2007). Paperbound, 43 pp., $18.95. (Reviewed by Tanis MacDonald)
  • P. K. Page, The Filled Pen (Toronto: University of Toronto, 2007). Paperbound, 131 pp, $21.95 (Reviewed by Tanis MacDonald)

  • Non-Fiction
  • Brian Bartlett, ed., Don McKay: Essays on His Works (Toronto: Guernica, 2006). Paperbound, 199 pp, $18. (Reviewed by Nicholas Bradley)
Cover art:    Pat Gorge, Homage to Andy, 2000
   Serigraph, 56.1 cm x 69.5 cm
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