Summer 2008 No. 163

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Cover of issue 163


2008 Novella Prize:
  • Andrew Tibbetts, Dead Man’s Wedding
  • Sarah Taggart, Deaf
Creative Non-Fiction:
  • Elizabeth Mason, No-Man’s Land
  • Madhur Anand, "Picnic at the Apiary"
  • Susan Barber, "Aubade"
  • John Grey, "Brenda Sees Her Estranged Father" and "Jean-Louis Barrault Still Searches the Streets for Arletty"
  • Steven Heighton, "Edith Swan-Neck", "Reading The Saxon Chronicles in a Field Hospital, Kandahar,", "Herself Revisited," and "Breathe Like This"
  • Jessica Hiemstra-van der Horst"Anatomy of the artist" and "The starting point of any description of human anatomy"
  • Susan Ingersoll, "Foxgloves"
  • Jim F. Johnstone, "Field Note—Cliff Diving"
  • Michael Lista, "Fidelity"
  • Laura Lush, "The Deer"
  • Andrea MacPherson, "Posing for Bellocq"
  • Sean Moreland, "Quoth Thoth, the Postman"
  • David O’Meara, "Arriving Early" and "Travel"
  • Shane Rhodes, "For Donnie Peters (1964–1999)"
  • Kevin Shaw, "Harmonica"
  • Elizabeth Ukrainetz, "The Transmigration of Thought"
  • Catherine Wiley, "Visiting the Albino Gorilla"
  • Derk Wynand, "Table Talk", "Mosquito" and "Verfremdungseffekt"
  • Poetry
  • Sharon McCartney, Against (Victoria: Frog Hollow, 2007). Paperbound, 63 pp., $29. (Reviewed by Rhonda Batchelor).
  • Erin Knight, The Sweet Fuels (Fredericton: Goose Lane, 2007). Paperbound, 85 pp, $17.95. (Reviewed by Amy Reiswig)

  • Fiction
  • Linda Leith, The Desert Lake (Winnipeg: Signature, 2007). Paperbound, 244 pp., $19.95. (Reviewed by Michael Kenyon)
  • Helen Humphreys, The Frozen Thames (Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 2007). Hardbound, 192 pp, $24.99. (Reviewed by Eric Miller)

  • Non-Fiction
  • Don Coles, A Dropped Glove in Regent Street: A Biography by Other Means (Montreal: Signal, 2007). Hardbound, 213 pp, $18.95. (Reviewed by Mark Callahan)
  • Pierre Gorgio Di Cicco, Municipal Mind: Manifestos for the Creative City Toronto: Mansfield, 2007. Paperbound, 86 pp, $16.95. (Reviewed by Allan Antliff)
Cover Art:
  • Herbert Siebner, Endless Summer (dedicated to the Limners), 1979. Oil on canvas, 110 cm x 186 cm, Michael Collard Williams Collection, Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery, University of Victoria.