Summer 2009 No. 167

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Cover of issue 167
Cover of issue 167


  • Mark Abley, “Efenechtyd
  • Lynne Burnett, “On Hearing that a Friend’s Husband Died in his Sleep
  • Barry Butson, “Milton in his Garden
  • Sara Cassidy, “The Children, Sleeping” and “Night
  • Anne Compton, “What the construction worker said
  • Matthew Godden, “Island Poem #1,
  • To Learn to be With You: two love poems,” and “The Big Date
  • Ruth Johnston, “Preface to Cassanova’s Histoire de ma Vie
  • Susanne Kort, “Vespers
  • Katherine Leyton, “Lower Forms of Life
  • P. K. Page, “Cullen in Old Age” (Won silver in poetry at the 2010 National Magazine Awards)
  • Marion Quednau, “Paradise, Later Years” (Won gold in poetry at the 2010 National Magazine Awards)
  • matt robinson, “Against the Hard Angle
  • Patrick Walsh, “Meditations of a Sniper
  • Randy deVita, “Bites
  • Correction
  • Stephen Henighan, “Who Killed Martin Coombs?
Creative Non-Fiction:
  • Jane Finlayson, “Remains
  • Elizabeth Haynes, “The Alchemist
  • Poetry
  • Daphne Marlatt, The Given (Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 2008). Paperbound, 120 pp., $17.99.
  • Daphne Marlatt, Robert Minden, and Carla Hallett, Like Light Off Water (Vancouver: Otter Bay Productions). Audio CD, 28 min., $15.00.
  • Don McKay, Songs for the Songs of Birds (Tors Cove: Rattling Books). Audio CD, 78 min., $19.95.
  • David O’Meara, Noble Gas, Penny Black (London: Brick Books). Paperbound, 70 pp., $18.00.
  • Sue Sinclair, Breaker (London: Brick Books). Paperbound, 96 pp., $18.00.
  • (All reviewed by Jay Ruzesky)
  • Tanis Macdonald, Rue the Day (Winnipeg: Turnstone, 2008). Paperbound, 96 pp., $16.95. (Reviewed by Jamie Dopp).
  • Barbara Colebrook Peace, Duet for Wings and Earth (Winlaw: Sono Nis, 2008). Paperbound, 63 pp., $14.95. (Reviewed by Amy Reiswig)

  • Fiction
  • Donna Morrissey, What They Wanted (Toronto: Viking, 2008). Hardbound, 327 pp., $32.00. (Reviewed by Mark Dickinson)
  • Betsy Trumpener, The Butcher of Penetang, (Halfmoon Bay: Caitlin, 2008). Paperbound, 152 pp., $17.95.
  • Ivan E. Coyote, The Slow Fix (Vancouver: Arsenal Pulp, 2008). Paperbound, 152 pp., $18.95.
  • (Both Reviewed by Jessica Fish)
  • Barbara Romanik, 10 Things to Ask Yourself in Warsaw and Other Stories (Winnipeg: Enfield & Wizenty, 2008). Hardbound, 190 pp., $29.95.
  • Harold Hoefle, The Mountain Clinic (Ottawa: Oberon, 2008). Paperbound, 109 pp., $18.95.
  • (Both Reviewed by Candace Fertile)

  • Non-Fiction
  • Lynne van Luven and Bruce Gillespie (Eds.), Nobody’s Father: Life Without Kids (Surrey: Touchwood, 2008). Paperbound, 240 pp., $19.95. (Reviewed by Jay Ruzesky)
Cover art:    Linda Craddock, Summer Sunset Sky
   2008, Acrylic on canvas, 40.6 cm by 50.8 cm
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