Eric Miller,
Member of Poetry Board

Eric Miller

Eric Miller is writing a novel in four parts called The Canada Act, set in the 1790s along the Saint Lawrence, in the Niagara region, and in the Ohio River country south of Lake Erie. War, sex, envy, torture, loyalty, tenderness, myth, faith, espionage, painting, music, botany, birds, extinction, physics, games, tools, alcohol, excuses, songs, history, history, history: the aim is inclusiveness, of every kind. A selection from volume two is coming soon in Jessa Crispin’s Spolia Magazine. He has also published eight books; work has appeared in Brick, Alphabet City, Ploughshares, and Columbia, as well as the public transit system of Vancouver. He likes translating, and he likes translations. He has englished the naturalist Linnaeus, the flâneur Klix, the archeologist Brongersma, the rogue Waiblinger, the seeker Hesse, the physico-theologian Sulzer. He has taken the chance to write about Friedrich Hölderlin, Lady Elizabeth Simcoe, Aphra Behn, William Blake, Laurence Sterne, John Clare, and François-René Chateaubriand. He made in his youth a special study of Nemesis. The aim is inclusiveness, of every kind.