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Use the navigation bar above to choose a route by scenery, level of difficulty, location or distance. If you want to view all routes available on this site, please visit the All Routes section at the top of the page.

Trail Route Ratings:

Easy: Trails are flat and moderately level. Suitable for families and children.

Medium: Trail may be hilly in some areas and slightly more strenuous with some uneven sections. Good shoes are required.

Hard: May not be suitable for running. Includes steep and hilly sections with uneven terrain, and may be slippery in wet conditions. Suitable for experienced hikers.



Welcome to WalkRun Westshore, your definitive guide to walking trails and running routes in the Westshore communities. Whether you are visiting for the day or are lucky enough to live here, the Westshore offers a multitude of choices for outdoor activities, including designated walking and running trail routes. From the challenging climb up Mt. Finlayson to the leisurely stroll around the boardwalk at Langford Lake, the Westshore has something for everyone.


The goal of this website is to provide comprehensive information about trail routes. Instead of having to search several different websites, those looking to spend an afternoon outdoors or those training for a marathon can find everything they need to know about the best places to run and walk in the Westshore.



Runners and walkers can search WalkRun Westshore for trails by location, difficulty, scenery and distance. Each trail listed covers everything from distance and elevation to approximate time to complete, parking availability and route maps. To view all routes listed on WalkRun Westshore, visit the All Routes section. You will also find an excellent gallery of images that highlight the best aspects of each route. For more resources and suggestions, visit the Tips section to find services to compliment your outdoor Westshore experience.



The cities of Langford and Colwood boast an excellent system of trails – so many in fact that the list on WalkRun Westshore is by no means complete. Check back frequently for newly added trails, or visit the Contact section to suggest some of your own!


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