• Overlapping Niches

    Overlapping Niches

    Much of our work examines how wildlife and humans compete over shared resources, such as salmon.

  • Where the Land Meets the Sea

    Where the Land Meets the Sea

    We explore questions related to biogeography and marine-terrestrial interactions.

  • Community-Engaged Research

    Community-Engaged Research

    Central to our work are relationships with the people, communities and Indigenous Nations of the BC coast.

  • As if Animals Mattered

    As if Animals Mattered

    We develop and apply an emerging principle in wildlife studies: taking animal welfare into the wild.


Welcome.  Take a peek around.  You might notice that we have been busy doing what we love: science inspired by nature, people, and place.

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Recent News 

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Conservation Week Livestreaming

We are offering livestreaming for Michael Soulé’s lecture on Wed Nov 18, 4:00-5:30pm

Acknowledging inequalities in conservation science

  Every month, our Ecology@UVic discussion group has a theme. This November is

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Conservation Week at UVic – Full Schedule

  What is ‘conservation biology’ in 2015? What has it accomplished, and how


Our lab owes its existence to the foresight and investments of the Tula Foundation and the Raincoast Conservation Foundation (and those that fund Raincoast).  Investors in our work – which is frightfully expensive - are big and small.  They include those who keep us caffeinated, form partnerships with us, provide in-kind assistance and/or make significant financial contributions (namely, Tula and Raincoast). Although one major donor family wishes to remain anonymous, we honour them in spirit and show gratitude to others listed below.





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Photo Of The Day

Remote camera photo of a bear investigating a hair snag site in Kitasoo/Xai'xais Territory. In collaboration with Spirit Bear Research Foundation.

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