About Us

We are a team of multidisciplinary conservation scholars dedicated to conceptually interesting and acutely applied research for the benefit of natural and human systems. A special geographic focus is the Great Bear Rainforest on British Columbia’s central coast, though our goal is that insights gained here have a global reach.

We want to do science inspired by nature, people, and place. The relatively easy part of our work is practising high-calibre, conceptually rich and well-regarded scholarship.  The more complex component is contributing to positive change.


Our Vision for Applied Science

Decision-makers, including members of the public, require relevant, reliable, timely and understandable information to address environmental problems and opportunities.

High-quality information often takes the form of evidence derived from scientific research.

Seeking, generating and receiving evidence cannot be separated from the value systems of those involved.

Therefore, in all our work we strive to:

1) acknowledge and apply our core values: conservation, social justice, Indigenous rights, animal welfare, and informed advocacy;

2) engage diverse partners – especially Indigenous communities –  in our research;

3) develop and implement creative, targeted, compassionate and collaborative research connected to our core values;

4) communicate new knowledge and contribute to positive environmental change in the real world.