Our Vision for Applied Science

Raincoast Applied Conservation Science Lab


We will train next generation applied conservation scholars whose research informs and empowers resource management decision-makers.


To engage new people, tools, and processes to advance evidence-based policy for sustainable ecosystems and communities.

Details and Operating Principles:

Decision-makers, including members of the public, require relevant, reliable, timely and understandable information to address environmental problems and opportunities.

High-quality information often takes the form of evidence derived from scientific research.

Applied scholars can produce not only scholarship but also information to support decisions in the real world.

Seeking, generating and receiving evidence cannot be separated from the value systems of those involved.

Therefore, in all our work we strive to:

1) acknowledge and apply our core values: conservation, social justice, Indigenous rights, animal welfare, and informed advocacy;

2) work with diverse partners & knowledge systems, especially via collaboration with Indigenous Nations and their members;

3) develop and implement creative, targeted, compassionate, and collaborative research connected to our core values;

4) Maintain and nurture long-term relationships with partners via open dialogue, time in community, and mutually-beneficial, productive research;

5) Maintain the rigour of our research (and the utility of applied information) by exposing our work to peer-review;

6) Broadly, clearly, and compellingly communicate new knowledge to contribute to positive environmental and social change.