Predator Presence

Predators are the wildlife marmite of our living landscapes, dividing the human populace into lovers and haters of our carnivore companions. In my relatively short scientific career I’ve been drawn to the plight of predators, working on a debilitating gastrointestinal disease in maned and red wolves, a tick-borne pathogen in African wild dogs, and finally, […]

A white bear crosses a running stream on the coast in the Great Bear Rainforest.

Kid Conservationists and the Value of Outreach

A flourish of waving hands darts across my computer screen as I close my video chat window. The waves goodbye signal the end of my first virtual hangout with Ms. Michael’s fourth grade class. Based near Chicago, IL, the class is as diverse as they are enthusiastic. I smile with a mix of relief and […]

Camping in Wuikinuxv Territory

The sound of laughter comes in through forest, mixed with the smell of barbequing fish. It is a warm June evening. I look up from my gaze to the fire to all the kids running around, and cannot imagine feeling luckier to work (and play) in such a beautiful place. For five years now, the […]

Lunch in the Field

Nearing the end of a long day in the field, we decide to stop for a late lunch. Shelby, one of the extraordinary field interns from Bella Bella, suggests we stop by a nearby beach with a rope-swing attached to a tree: a perfect spot for a quick swim as well. We anchor our mighty […]

Biocultural Stewardship

A large plank of cedar lumber was chiselled and pried from this culturally modified tree in Heiltsuk Territory. The Great Bear Rainforest supports so much more than the much beloved mega fauna of its namesake. These rainforests have also been home to Coastal First Nations people for over 14,000 years. In some cases the forests […]

Wildlife Welfare

Adult grizzly approaches non-invasive hair snag station, leaving us his or her DNA February 14th, 2018 A key value upheld by our lab is employing non-invasive methods of studying wildlife to reduce potential harm to research animals. This ‘wildlife welfare’ ethic is evident during our multiyear bear monitoring research. In collaboration with our Central Coast […]

Getting Acquainted with Bear Hair

By Chloe Elizabeth-Wood 8/1/18 – 15/1/18 Getting Acquainted with Bear Hair Last Monday I started at the Applied Conservation Lab at the University of Victoria. The labs are made up of a multidisciplinary team within the geography department with a focus working around the Great Bear Rainforest. The lab frequently partners with First Nations in […]

Members of the ACS Lab bear grins with #grizzlybars…

In the midst of prepping bear hair samples for stable isotope analysis, we figured it was time for a little #grizzlybar chocolate break! Before July 1st, find out how your #grizzlybar can win you a journey of a life time aboard the Achiever, the Raincoast Conservation Foundation research vessel. Proceeds will go toward Raincoast’s purchase […]