Looking down up Koeye River watershed

Converging Knowledges to Inform and Empower Conservation

This past summer, I had the opportunity to travel aboard the Raincoast vessel Achiever with several other members of the ACS lab to participate in Koeye camp, a cultural revitalization and education program operated by the Heiltsuk First Nation’s QQS Projects Society. We were there to engage with the youth campers about the research conducted […]

Conservation Outreach and Action for Wildlife in the Nadeea Tenure

As members of the Applied Conservation Science Lab we wear many hats. We are trained in ecology, community-engagement, statistics, science communication, outreach, bear safety, education, boat operation, and first aid. For the past few months we have also been event planners, speakers, and emcees in service of Raincoast Conservation Foundation’s campaign to buy out the […]

Remote camera image of grizzly bear walking

Tracking individual bears through time

In 2018 the ACS Lab was awarded a 2-year NSERC Collaborative Research and Development grant to support our work developing automated facial recognition for brown bears. Our aim is for this technology to be used to improve non-invasive monitoring techniques for bears and other large mammals. Part of this work involves a lengthy amount of […]

Learning to communicate science effectively — training with COMPASS

This past week ACS lab members Bryant DeRoy, Kate Field, and I had the privilege of attending a science communication workshop hosted by COMPASS, an NGO dedicated to training scientists to effectively translate their work to policy makers, media, and the public. COMPASS formed in response to a very real need; even ten short years […]

Sunny view from Koeye.

A Conservation Scientist in the Anthropocene

Two weeks ago, I sat quietly in evening golden-hour sunshine on a cedar-wood bench, staring contemplatively out at a golden sand beach and working through a plate of vegetarian lasagna. Out of the corner of my vision, I caught sight of a blurry brown figure dashing across the shore; a yearling grizzly bear (Ursus arctos) […]

Of Meerkats and Killer Whales

For animal species that form social groups, living together can have a strong effect on individuals’ chances of survival and reproduction, and ultimately on how population sizes change over time. New work, led by Dr. Andrew Bateman of the Raincoast Lab, and involving a team of researchers from Canada, the UK, and Switzerland, combines theory […]

Fanie Pelletier and Martin Leclerc

Migration time

  The adventure was planned and prepared over several months. Everything was packed, the car was full, and the kids loved the echo their voices made in their emptied bedroom. It was now time to migrate on the West Coast, a few short weeks after I defended my Ph.D. thesis under the supervision of Fanie […]

We’re Hiring!

Job Posting: Lab Manager Raincoast Applied Conservation Science Lab Department of Geography – University of Victoria The Lab Manager will join a productive, collegial team of applied conservation scholars to coordinate research and lab logistics. The position is varied and dynamic, requiring academic, administrative, & technical tasks. Duties include: Preparing samples for isotope analysis, ensuring […]