Heiltsuk Nation releases report on the sinking of the Nathan E Stewart

The Heiltsuk Nation has released a report detailing shortcomings in the lead-up and immediate aftermath of the October 2016 sinking of the petroleum tug-barge tanker Nathan E. Stewart just outside Qvúqvái, one of the richest ecological and cultural treasures in Wax’wuisaxv-s Hai’zaqv (Territory of the Heiltsuk First Nation). The report describes the failed emergency response, including confusion, lack of proper materials and personnel, delays in deploying equipment, ineffective approaches, and a lack of proper safety gear and instructions provided to Heiltsuk First Responders on the scene. It also documents lack of disclosure from the Transportation Safety Board and Kirby of information critical to the Heiltsuk Nation’s ongoing investigations. For more information visit the report’s microsite at https://www.nes-investigation.org/. To support the Heiltsuk in the ongoing legal work following this disaster consider making a donation at RAVEN Trust. –Kyle Artelle

To read more about Raincoast Conservation Foundation and the ACS lab’s bear research in Heiltsuk Territory visit http://kyleartelle.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013-RCF-Heiltsuk-project-update.pdf