Mon Jan 12 – Research talk by Alejandro Frid @UVic

We are excited to be hosting Dr. Alejandro Frid, lab colleague and science coordinator for the Central Coast Indigenous Resource Alliance, for a research talk at UVic this coming Monday January 12. Alejandro will be speaking about biodiversity, indigenous rights, and the dynamically-shifting climate of our planet.

Monday January 12th, 2014
1:00pm – 2:30pm
David Strong Building C103
University of Victoria


We also encourage people to check out Alejandro’s new book Storms and Stillness; an ecologist’s search for optimism through letters to his young daughter and its visual companion website. Storms and Stillness is a search for optimism amidst the climate change and biodiversity crises, as told by Alejandro (who I consider a great leader for ecologists and conservation scientists) writing letters to his young daughter. Weaving science and stories of connection to Earth, this work of non-fiction steers readers towards imagining their own role in preserving the vibrancy of our planet.

There will be copies of Storms and Stillness for sale at the end of the talk. See here for a visual companion to the book.
Photos: A. Frid