Heather Bryan

As a postdoctoral fellow in the ACS lab, I am fascinated with the physiological mechanisms by which wildlife responds to environmental change. Accordingly, I use indicators of wildlife health, such as hormones and parasites, to elucidate the natural and anthropogenic mechanisms driving population-level change. I am intrigued by novel approaches for studying wildlife with minimal disturbance, and am always keen to apply new techniques. Much of my work has been motivated and informed by carnivoresalmon systems on Canada’s west coast. I am grateful for the tremendous mentors, colleagues and friends in field and academic settings who contribute to all aspects of this work, particularly our labs’ continued partnerships with coastal communities. I thank the Hakai Network (Tula Foundation) for funding my current position and the Raincoast Conservation Foundation for providing essential research support.

Contact: heabry(at)gmail(dot)com

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