Kyle Artelle

I am interested in the conservation of species whose ecological niches overlap with those of humans.  I am using the bears of British Columbia to explore this theme, focusing on issues ranging from the provincial trophy hunt on grizzly bears to how changes in spawning salmon abundance affect bear population health and bear-human interactions.  My research is informed and inspired by the unspoiled ecosystems of the Great Bear Rainforest and the people who have inhabited and defined this area since time immemorial.  My fieldwork occurs primarily in Heiltsuk Territory and is done in partnership with Raincoast, Qqs, and Coastwatch.  This fieldwork involves hair snagging to non-invasively capture hairs from black and grizzly bears, yielding insight into population size and dietary composition, and stream-walking to estimate yearly spawning salmon abundance.  My work is a component of Raincoast’s long-term ecological monitoring program in Heiltsuk territory and beyond, is co-supervised by Dr. John Reynolds and Dr. Chris Darimont, and is supported by an NSERC Alexander Graham Bell scholarship, a C. D. Nelson Memorial Entrance scholarship, an Anne Vallee Ecological Fund award, and through the Hakai Scholar program and the Tula Foundation.

Photo Of The Day

Remote camera photo of a two grizzly subadults investigating a sampling site in Heiltsuk Territory

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