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The Unit for Early Years Research and Development (“the Unit”), formerly the Unit for Child Care Research and Professional Development (UCCR), focuses on the importance of leadership and local engagement in support of diversity and social equity in the early years. The Unit was founded in 1992 (as the UCCR) and has undertaken over 60 research and development projects worth over 12 million dollars since that time. At present, the Unit focuses on promoting early years system changes from practice to policy levels through projects that extend from British Columbia, Canada to international locations, including a major and longstanding commitment to Africa.

Since its inception, the Unit has been committed to innovative field-based research and professional development across a range of settings. Its mission is to pursue excellence and innovation in practices, professional development, higher education and scholarly productivity. The Unit is dedicated to advancing early learning and child care practices by recognizing that effective change requires the active participation of all sectors within early learning communities.


For the purposes of this website, the Unit’s work is organized into two broad areas:

(a)   The Majority or “Developing” World, including Indigenous communities

(b)   The Minority or Euro-Western World








What is your primary role in early years research and development?