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The Unit for Early Years Research and Development (the "Unit") formerly known as the Unit for Child Care Research and Professional Development (UCCR), was founded by Prof. Alan Pence at the University of Victoria in 1992. The purpose of the Unit was to provide an on-going administrative structure to support and house diverse early childhood research and development initiatives then underway and proposed for the future. Initial, major projects included:

  • Concluding work on the large-scale, Statistics Canada and Health & Welfare Canada-supported, Canadian National Child Care Study (CNCCS, 1988-1994);
  • Follow-up projects focused on SSHRC-supported Victoria and Vancouver Day Care Research Projects (VDCRP I & II, 1982~1993);
  • Participation in the 1990's European-based Childhood and Society project (which contributed to the establishment of various Sociology of Childhood academic societies); and
  • The initial development and delivery of the Generative Curriculum, within what became the long-standing First Nations Partnerships Programs (FNPP, 1989-2007).

Key later, major sets of projects included: the Early Childhood Development Virtual University (ECDVU) and related capacity promoting activities in Africa (1994-present); and work associated with the Investigating Quality (IQ) Project (2003-present). The FNPP and the ECDVU/Africa capacity promoting activities established their own on-going websites (www.fnpp.org, www.ecdvu.org, and www.ecdinafrica.org) and the Investigating Quality project was carried out through the UCCR, renamed as the EYRD (this website). Between its founding in 1992 and 2018 the Unit undertook more than 60 research and development projects worth over 12 million dollars.

Since its inception, the Unit has been committed to innovative field-based research and professional development across a range of settings. Its mission is to pursue excellence and innovation in practices, professional development, higher education and scholarly productivity. The Unit is dedicated to advancing early learning and child care practices by recognizing that effective change requires the active participation of all sectors within early learning communities.

In 2018 this website, which had contained two major sections throughout the EYRD period:

  1. the Majority or Developing world, including Indigenous communities, and
  2. the Minority or Euro-Western World,

became an historical repository for EYRD and the critical perspectives work that formed a major part of the EYRD's work.

The First Nations and the on-going Africa work were housed separately: www.fnpp.org (largely historical by 2012) and www.ecdinafrica.org (on-going and active).