Majority World Projects
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A major focus of the Unit’s work is on supporting diversity and promoting capacity-building within Indigenous and Majority ("Developing") World communities, with a particular focus on Africa.

The Unit’s international and Indigenous work has its roots in a Canadian Indigenous Tribal Council’s request to Dr. Alan Pence to collaborate with them in developing a tertiary educational approach that was respectful of local Indigenous perspectives, while also including a Euro-Western perspective. The work of Dr. Pence and his colleagues resulted in the development of a “generative curriculum” that provides space and respect for multiple perspectives.

The generative curriculum model has been implemented in Indigenous communities in the First Nations Partnership Programs and in Africa in the Early Childhood Development Virtual University.

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ECDinAfrica ( is a website that provides a place where certain facets of the growing body of work addressing Early Childhood Education, Care and Development (ECD) in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) has been compiled so that it can be easily accessed and shared.

The intent is to preserve certain inter-related initiatives and materials over time and serve as a complement to other sites as they develop and evolve. Indeed, certain nascent networks reference a ‘Network of Networks’ approach to promoting ECD in SSA, a distributed approach which may be a useful way to achieve enhanced sustainability of information access.

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First Nations Partnership ProgramsThe cornerstone of the Unit’s focus on the early years in Indigenous communities is the First Nations Partnership Programs.

The First Nations Partnership Programs began in 1989 when Dr. Pence was invited by a large tribal council in northern Canada to work with them in developing a culturally and community-sensitive approach to postsecondary training in Early Childhood Care and Development.


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The African Scholars & Institutions Initiative (AS&I) grows out of many inter-related activities, all connected by a commitment to promote advanced scholarly work that supports children's well-being. It is of concern that while Africa has almost 20% of the world's child population, African scholarly leadership accounts for less than 1% of all published international literature on children, their care, and their development.

For more information about the African Scholars & Institutions initiative, go to