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  1. Over a decade experience in developing large-scale enterprise applications which generated over than hundred million dollar yearly revenues.
  2. Held senior roles throughout the product life-cycle in multi-site, cross-continent projects.
  3. Architected new products and successfully carried existing products through their "next-gen" phase.
  4. Demonstrated ability in cutting edge technologies including Silverlight, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Communications Foundation (WCF), .NET,
  5. Proficiency in objected oriented development languages (C++, C#, and Java)
  6. Instructed and trained objected oriented languages (Java, C++, C#) to employees of prominent clients in Canada and US including Boeing Corp (Seattle, WA), Sage Software (Vancouver, BC), College of Physicians (Ottawa, ON)

What They Say


""Luay worked in my architecture team for two years. We designed an advanced CAB container which addressed many of the design concerns later tackled by Prism and MEF, and we delivered it to customers around the world. I couldn't have done it without him. Luay understands the big picture of software development. He likes learning about new technology and burns the midnight oil to ensure it works in the real world.".

-Michael Andrew, VP Technology Development, CDC Software.


""I want to acknowledge the instructor Luay who took time from his afternoon to further explain the topics covered in the class. Thank you".

-Fermarie Brody., Software Engineer, Boeing Corp.


During my career, I have played various roles that covered many facets of the software development lifecycle. My achievments and product deliverables testifies to my aptitude to initiate, spearhead, and conclude multi-million dollar R&D projects.

I offer over a decade of professional experience along with the academic accreditation (M.Sc. Computer Science) required to undertake new challenges in the realm of software development.

My achievements include the successful delivery of several world-wide renowned enterprise applications that feature high degree of complexity by leading highly talented and experience engineers. My recent responsibility has been focused on designing and developing the foundation framework for different lines of business applications including Collaborative Survey Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Further, my mentorship skills are evident through offering on-site professional devleopment for Software Engineers undertaking new complex projects in US and Canada. The portfolio of my clients include prominent companies such as Boeing Corp, Sage Software, and Microdev Training.

My area of specialty in software development and training is focused on object oriented languages such as C#, Java, and C++.


What I DO


Pivotal CRM 6.0 / CDC Software Smart Client Framework

I've designed and implemented the SmartClient Framework, which represents the underlying framework for CDC Software Smart Client technology.

During this project, I held the role of the lead architect from inception till the fruitful delivery of several large scale enterprise applications including Pivotal CRM 6.0 and Ross Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

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