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Craigdarroch Research Award 2012 Knowledge Mobilization

Award for Excellence in Knowledge Mobilization
(Knowledge mobilization is the application of research results for societal benefit.)
Dr. E. Paul Zehr is an accomplished neuroscientist but is equally well known for his efforts to engage general audiences in the wonders of scientific research. Both passions inspired his two popular books, Becoming Batman and Inventing Iron Man.

Faces of UVic Research: E. Paul Zehr

Dr. E. Paul Zehr is a professor of Neuroscience and Kinesiology, and the Director of the Centre for Biomedical Research and Rehabilitation Neuroscience Lab at the University of Victoria. In this video he discusses his research into the recovery of walking after the nervous system has been damaged. He also explains the nervous systems' capacity to change, either after injury or in improvement in all individuals.

Heart & Stroke Big Bike 2013

The Rehab Neuro Lab and UVic Forest Biology department will be teaming up as the UVic Head & Heart Rehab team to ride the Heart & Stroke Foundation Big Bike in downtown Victoria in June, 2013. Stay tuned for the caped crusaders exploits in raising funds for the HSF!

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