Lab Team

Pam Loadman


Pam is a physiotherapist who specializes in neurology. She completed her MSc in the Rehabilitation Neuroscience Laboratory under Dr. E.P. Zehr in 2006. Since that time, she has continued to work part time in the lab as a physiotherapist collecting clinical data and outcome measures in stroke and spinal cord injured subjects who participate in lab research. As well, Pam continues to do research with Dr. Zehr studying locomotor control in the stroke and spinal cord injured populations. Outside of the lab, Pam has a clinical practice in an outpatient neurological rehabilitation unit at the Victoria General Hospital. She enjoys teaching and is passionate about evidence based physiotherapy practice.


E. Paul Zehr, Sandra R. Hundza, Jaclyn E. Balter, and Pamela M. Loadman (2009)1Context-Dependent Modulation of Cutaneous Reflex Amplitudes During

Forward and Backward Leg Cycling, Motor Control Oct;13(4):368-86

Loadman P.M. & Zehr E.P. (2007) Effects of specific rhythmic arm cycling parameters on the amplitude modulation of the Soleus H-reflex. Experimental Brain Research, V179:199-208.

Zehr, E Paul, Balter, Jaclyn E, Ferris, Daniel P, Hundza, Sandra R, Loadman, Pamela M, Stoloff, Rebecca H. (2007), Neural regulation of rhythmic arm and leg movement is conserved across human locomotor tasks, Journal of Physiology, 582(Pt 1): 209–227.

Clinical Teaching Experience/Presentations:

Aerobic Exercise after Stroke Part 1: The evidence for safe practice; Part 2: A practical approach. Audience: Physiotherapists and occupational therapists at Victoria General Hospital, June 2010 and October 2010.

Stroke Recovery: Arm and Leg interactions for Stroke Rehabilitation. University of Victoria Continuing Studies, January 28, 2009. 

Interdisciplinary goal setting. Audience: Vancouver Island Health Authority staff at Rehabilitation Conference, Nanaimo B.C. Cananda (2009) 

Are the Arms and Legs Connected during Locomotion? Audience: Association of Chartered Physiotherapists with an Interest in Neurology (ACPIN) East Anglia Section, Cambridge, UK (May 2009) 

Effects of changing parameters of arm cycling on the amplitude modulation of the soleus H – reflex. (MSc. Thesis presentation) Audience: physiotherapists and occupational therapists, Vancouver Island Health Authority, Victoria, B.C., Canada. (2006) 

The importance of “postural sets” in the treatment of the neurological patient. Audience: Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists, Northwick Park Hospital, Harrow, London, England. (2000).

Spasticity and its significance in the treatment of the neurologically impaired patient. Audience: Physical & Occupational Therapists, Vancouver Island Health Authority, Victoria, B.C., Canada. (1999).