No. 190 Spring 2015

Delivery date: late April / early May 2015

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2015 Open Season Awards

  • Rebecca Salazar, "synaesthesia"
  • Michael Carson, "The Neanderthal and the Cave"
  • Vincent Pagé, "St. Helena Olive, Nesiota Ellipitia, 2004," "Japanese River Otter, Lutra lutra whiteleyi, 2012"
  • Mitchell Parry, "August 30"
  • Daniel Kincade Renton, "Dialectic at the Key Party"
  • Kilby Smith-McGregor, "Wake Up Remembering Oranges"
  • John Steffler, "I Haven't Looked at These in Years," "Old Forest"
  • Royston Tester, "Roger Casement's Sock"
  • Lesley Wheeler, "At First I Just Hear My Own Breathing," "The Sea Does Not Exist"
  • Christine Wiesenthal, "Staphylococcus," "Salmonella"
  • Patricia Young, "Cow," "Pig," "Chicken"
  • Jane Eaton Hamilton, "The Husband"
  • C. Hartglass, "Yin and Yang"
  • Sara Salih, "Not I"
  • Colin Snowsell, "Krankowsky"
Creative Nonfiction
  • Michael J. Hess, "What Do You Wear to a Nudist Colony?"
  • Étant donné: the Loris perched on his neoclassical plinth, 2008. Polystyrene, concrete adhesive, paper, paint
    68 in. × 24 in. × 21 in.
    Collection of the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art
    Photo: Richard-Max Tremblay